Welcome to Scrubby Puppy

Scrubby Puppy! A place where you can wash your dog quickly and easily and leave the cleanup to US!!

Save your back & knees!!

Every station is equipped with a raised tub and spray nozzle with warm water.

We supply everything you need — hypoallergenic shampoo, combs, brushes, towels, an apron and a blow dryer!!
Our helpful staff will talk you through the whole process to wash your dog safely and efficiently.

We also carry specialty shampoos and conditioners to deal with a wide range of issues beyond just dirty. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own shampoo, towels and brushes if you’d prefer. We do not rent or loan scissors or clippers, and unfortunately, due to insurance issues, cannot allow customers to use their own scissors or clippers while on the premises, so please leave those at home.

No appointment needed for self-service wash!! Just come down when it’s convenient for you, give us a call upon arrival and we will set you up.

** Last wash one (1) hour before closing (or as much time as you need to give yourself to be completely done BEFORE 6pm
(or 5pm on Sundays)