Please review our UPDATED policies for grooming:

  1. Please be on time for your appointment: As you are already aware, it can be very difficult to get appointments for us to groom your dog(s). With the current restrictions and increased demand, arriving for your appointment on-time or early is even more important than normal. Without compromising the service, care and quality of work you expect from Scrubby Puppy, we are going to run a very tight schedule to accommodate as many clients as possible. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will not be able to take your dog at the appointment time, AND we will have to count the appointment as a NO-SHOW.

    If you have 2 or more dogs, you must be on time. Every minute that you are late is exponentially worse because of multiple dogs in the same time slot. Taking a doggie in late after the scheduled appointment time ripples through the day and causes unacceptable and unmanageable delays for all following appointments. If you find that you are going to be late for your appointment, please let us know as soon as you safely can —we will do everything we can to try to accommodate your delayed arrival, or may even be able to switch with someone who has a later appointment. However, if you don’t call and simply show up late, we will have minimal or no flexibility to accommodate you. If you are one to ten minutes late with multiple dogs, it is probable that we will only be able to accept one dog and would have to reschedule the other/s. We do apologize for having to be so stringent on the timing of appointments, but if we’re all going to make this work, we must be able to start your appointment on-time.
  2. You must be here to pick up your dog before we’re done with their grooming: One of the reasons you bring your doggie to Scrubby Puppy is because we are a cage and kennel-free environment, dedicated to minimizing the stress and fear involved in the grooming process, so it is absolutely imperative that you are here when they are done with their grooming. If you’re late to pick up, we have no place to keep your doggie safe (since we work with no cages) and your doggie will have a possibly stressful and lonely wait, wondering when their people will come back for them. Please understand that is is extremely important that you are back BEFORE they are off the grooming table. Customers who are unable to return promptly to pick up their dog after grooming will be required to stay (or have a family member or friend stay) during future grooms to ensure a prompt pick-up. If this policy is difficult or impossible for a customer to follow, we will not be able to groom the dog.
  3. LATE CANCEL/NO SHOW POLICY: If you have had two (2) no shows and/or late canceled (less than 24 hours notice) appointments in a 12-month period, you will be charged a deposit at time of booking for future appointments which will be applied to the to the total cost of grooming. This can be anywhere between $50 and $90, depending on your dog’s actual grooming charge and will be held or refunded if the appointment is canceled with more than 24 hours notice. No-shows, or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the deposit and would have to be paid again upon re-booking.

    Because of our appointment-only grooming, if you don’t show up for your dog’s appointment, or don’t cancel your appointment with enough notice for us to contact someone on our cancel list to take the open appointment, we end up paying our staff to NOT groom a dog for that time slot. Obviously, no business will stay in business very long paying staff to not work – at the same time, we understand that sometimes life gets a little hectic. This policy allows us to continue booking those customers whose life is a little extra hectic, while still ensuring that we are able to pay our staff in the case of a no-show/late cancellation. Also, if you have scheduled future or recurring appointments and no show an appointment and you have not called within a week to confirm future appointments, we will cancel the rest of your existing appointments.

As always, we will text or call for confirmation the day before the appointment. Please text back as soon as you can, with YES or CANCEL. If the text initiated by us is slightly outside of 24 hours, we will still count a cancellation as late. If we do not receive a text back in a timely manner, we will call to confirm the appointment. We must have a response, either a call back or text any time up until 8:30am the morning of your appointment (please just leave a message if you call after business hours). If we do not hear back from you at all by 8:30am, your appointment will be automatically canceled.

Please READ the text we send, or LISTEN COMPLETELY to the voice mail we leave … sometimes mistakes happen and the time we have on our calendar isn’t the same time you have on your calendar. Our confirmations help us avoid discrepancies on either end before you arrive at Scrubby with your dog. We may also, due to staffing or other issues, be asking if it is possible to make a minor time change for the appointment – if you only see that we called but do not check the message completely, you may miss important updates about your appointment.

If you have decided that you are not keeping this appointment, please call as soon as possible to cancel so we can fill the open spot.

Thank you so much for trusting us with your fur-babies, we will do everything in our power to ensure that they smell great, look great and have the best possible grooming experience we can provide. Woof!!