Salon Style Grooming


Here at Scrubby Puppy, we do things a bit differently than a conventional grooming shop.
We feel that cages, cage dryers and spending hours in a strange place can be traumatic for dogs.
Instead, we operate our grooming just like a salon. Grooming appointments are done by appointment, while you wait.

We welcome you to wait and have some coffee in our waiting area while your dog is groomed. We have video cameras at our grooming stations and a large-screen monitor in the waiting area so you can watch every minute of your doggie's grooming if you'd like.

You can also drop off your dog for grooming and come back as long as you're back before they are done and off the table.
(As we have no cages, it is extremely important that you are here when they are finished.) Most dogs fare better with the grooming when they are not put into a cage for most of the time and will come back more relaxed when they know their parent will be waiting  to pick them up as soon as they're done. The best part is your dog is in and out within 60 -- 90 minutes! If you have two or three dogs, they can be groomed at the same time--imagine that...all your dogs groomed in about an hour to an hour and a half! Because we do everything by appointment, we book well in advance -- depending on the time of year, as much as 6 - 8 weeks in advance, so call well before your doggie/s need grooming.

Please contact us for more information and specific pricing for your pet!