By appointment only. Please call 909-608-1800 or email for availability.

1) Please be on time for your reservation. The later you arrive, the less time you’ll have to wash your dog. We will be unable to accommodate customers arriving more than 20 minutes late with their SHORT-haired dog, or more than 30 minutes late with their LONG-haired dog.

2) Reservations for SHORT-haired dogs are one (1) hour long. Reservations for LONG-haired dogs are one and one-half hours (90 minutes) long.

3) If you need or take longer than the scheduled appointment time, additional fifteen (15) minute blocks are available for $5.00 per block. If you are an existing customer and know that you will need more time than regularly allotted, please let us know when booking your appointment.

4) If you must cancel your appointment, please do so at least two (2) hours in advance. Appointments canceled with less than two (2) hours notice will be considered LATE.

5) Customers with two (2) or more LATE cancels or NO-SHOWS within 12 consecutive months will be unable to book appointments more than two (2) hours in advance and will be subject to availability.

6) Please read through the Self-Wash Suggestions page before arrival. While we love spending time at the tub with you and your doggie helping the both of you with tips and suggestions, we are at least temporarily unable to do so in order to minimize the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

7) For the safety of all, both human and furry, fuzzy or fluffy, please follow all posted and verbal guidance from Scrubby staff. We are very sorry, our insurance prohibits the use of scissors or clippers by customers so please leave those at home.

8) Masks MUST be worn correctly (covering nose and chin) AT ALL TIMES while inside Scrubby Puppy or while interacting with Scrubby staff. Customers who are unwilling to do so will not be accommodated.

9) Only two (2) humans per dog. Children, including toddlers are counted as one (1) complete human.